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August 16, 2020 3 min read

Running For Weight Loss& Using Weights

Feeling the wind through your hair and the rush of endorphins is enough to enjoy running on a regular basis for some people, but if you’re running for weight loss, you may be looking for a way to intensify your workout. Running is an excellent form of exercise and it has the ability to burn calories fast. To take your run to the next level, you may have heard about running with weights. Wearing ankle weights, running with dumbbells or wearing a weighted vest, can help you to burn up a sweat on your morning jog, but you’ll need to find the right weight for your body, and use the best techniques to prevent injuries. Let’s take a look at ankle weights, running with dumbbells and some of the disadvantages of running with weights.

Wearing Ankle Weights To Run

Wearing ankle weights to add more weight to your body can help increase your heart rate, which will help you to burn more calories when you run, but it’s not for everyone! Although wearing ankle weights might seem like an easy way to reach your weight loss goals, they can actually damage your workout.


Running is one of the best cardiovascular workouts to burn fat and tone muscles, but it can also add pressure to your joints. If you start wearing ankle weights when you run, you can increase your risk of suffering an injury while working out, which can set you back weeks when it comes to your fitness goals.


Adding additional weight and pressure to your knees and ankles by running with ankle weights, can lead to an injury, but it can also slow you down too! Running at a slower pace than you’re used to, due to the additional weight on your joints can cause you to burn fewer calories than if you were to run without weights. So, in some cases, it’s actually a better idea to leave the ankle weights at home when you go for a run.

Running With Dumbbells

Some runners enjoy running with dumbbells to help tone their arms while out on a run. Engaging the arms by running with dumbbells will help tone and develop muscles, but don’t let it impact your posture. If you choose to use dumbbells that are slightly too heavy for you, while your run, you may start to strain your neck and lean forward. Affecting your neck, shoulders, wrists and back, running with dumbbells that are too heavy, is never a good idea, so always make sure to use weights that are 3 pounds or less.


If you prefer to run without dumbbells but still want to work out your arms while you run, try swinging your arms from side to side or punching the air in front of you, as you run. Alternatively, carry a water bottle with you and stay hydrated while keeping your arms engaged. Hold the bottle above your hips and alternate from hand to hand during your run.

Disadvantages To Running With Weights

If you’re running for weight loss, don’t let the numbers get you down. Burning more calories doesn’t always mean you’re working out to the best of your ability. In fact, if you push your body too much by running with dumbbells or wearing ankle weights, you can do more harm than good. Instead, focus on improving your stamina, speed and endurance. Running on a regular basis will naturally help to keep you fit and healthy so as long as you’re staying active and following a healthy diet, there really isn’t a need to use weights while you run.


However, if you’re still keen on running with weights, start small and allow your body to get used to the additional weight and pressure. Consider wearing 1 pound ankle weights and go for a short run every so often. Once you feel comfortable running with weights, you can start increasing the length of your run and the weights you use. Remember to respect your body and only use weights that are 3 pounds or under, or risk suffering from a running injury.



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